Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles - Survey
Hello and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with this survey! Although not required, I highly recommend completing the mod before answering these questions.
Overall, how much did you enjoy this mod?
1 = hated it, 5 = loved it!

Did you finish the main quest, A False Awakening?

Which of these side quests did you complete?

Did you have a favorite quest? If so, why was it your favorite?

Which was your favorite level/dungeon/world, and why?

Least favorite level?

Were any of the maze elements too difficult to navigate?

What did you think of the platforming elements?

Did you find there to be too much backtracking? Would you prefer less backtracking in a future mod/game?

Were the enemy battles too easy/hard/unbalanced? Did you particularly enjoy a certain encounter?

How powerful is your rig?

Did you experience any major performance issues? Lag, framerate drops, glitches, freezes/crashes, etc.

How heavily modded is your Skyrim experience?

Any other thoughts/bugs/comments?

Thank you for completing this survey! Your responses are much appreciated and will help me immensely as a future game designer :)

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